Mikkel Dan-Rognlie

From Copenhagen. Living in Trondheim.
Father. Software developer. Enthusiast.
Manager at Bekk Consulting AS.

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Mikkel Dan-Rognlie is manager and practice lead (fagleder) at Bekk Consulting AS. He has been developing software professionally since 2007 where he graduated as M.Sc. in Software Development from the IT-University of Copenhagen. During the studies he had his own company for six years doing web development, multimedia, and teaching.

Mikkel is an extrovert and passionate software developer with a primary focus on development on the JVM, but has also taken several tours on the CLR. Mikkel has deep experience with libraries and frameworks in the Java-world and design and implementation of cloud-based distributed systems as well as high-performance rich web applications.

Mikkel is originally from Copenhagen but lost his course and ended up in Trondheim. He found his passion in the Norwegian nature. When not developing software he is probably to be found on either skis (Nordic or alpine/randonnee), hiking or mountain biking. He most likely has more mountaineering equipment than the average Norwegian.